We all know that the water cooler of the past has been replaced by social media, and how there isn’t a social media website called Watercooler, I’ll never know. In any case, the Internet is where people go now to champion their favorite TV shows, and as you might imagine, some shows have far more diehard fans than others.

A new study by Nielsen Social has been put together to gauge the 10 most popular shows from the 2014-2015 season, according to the most loyal fans on Twitter. In this case, “loyalty” requires that people tweeted about three or more episodes during the season. According to Variety, the study also found, among other things, that many of these fans would send out three times as many tweets per episode than average posters. As you can tell from some of these choices, Twitter fandom doesn’t necessarily imply huge ratings, but it’s definitely interesting to see what shows are capturing those more tethered to social media than others. Let’s get started.

sleepy hollow
10. Sleepy Hollow
During its second season on Fox, Sleepy Hollow took its central characters deeper into the show’s core mythology and lost some of the mirth of Season 1, a move that left a section of the fanbase with a strange taste in their mouths. But with fairly consistent ratings – around 7 million when adjusted for DVR viewings – this supernatural drama definitely had no trouble keeping conversations flowing online, with 20% of its Twitter authors matching the requirements for this study. Will Season 3 keep that going?

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