If there’s one thing Kiefer Sutherland became something of an expert at, it’s amping up a suspenseful moment with his intense, though sometimes whispery-like voice. Sure, Jack Bauer screaming “Damnit!” was the best indication that something had gone terrible wrong, but a low-spoken conversation on a cell phone always went a long way in setting the mood in 24, season after season. Fox’s upcoming series Touch doesn’t look much like 24 in almost any way, with the exception of the element of suspense. We see some of that in this new trailer for the series.

We still have months to wait for Touch to officially premiere on Fox, but since the network is gracing us with an early look at the series through a preview that’s set to air late in January, it really isn’t too soon to start getting excited about it.

The trailer below isn’t trying to hide what the series is about. Sutherland’s character is the father of a boy who doesn’t speak. He soon learns that his son may be communicating through numbers and predicting the future. What, exactly, he’s supposed to do with the information his son shares with him, we don’t know but from the looks of it, action will be taken...

Fox will air a special Touch “preview event” on Wednesday, January 25, 2012.

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