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The interesting-sounding pilot 17th Precinct didn’t go to series, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be able to find Tricia Helfer on NBC at some point in the future. It appears The Firm’s stock just went up six points (and up one more Cylon if you’re keeping track) as Helfer’s been signed on for a role.

The Firm is an NBC series set to premiere in 2012, which takes place ten years after the events in the John Grisham novel (and film based on it). The original story involved a young attorney named Mitch McDeere who helps take down a corrupt Memphis law-firm. The NBC series is set to follow McDeere and his family as they emerge from isolation and soon learn that the drama isn’t completely behind them.

Helfer was on board to star in Ronald Moore’s 17th Precinct, but the pilot was passed over by NBC, leaving Helfer available for other roles. She apparently didn’t have to look far. The actress, who’s well known for her role as Six (aka Caprica Six and some other identities) in Battlestar Galactica, recently tweeted, “Just signed a recurring role "Alex Clark" in NBC's 'The Firm' airing this winter. Will be working with some amazing talent - very excited!”

Me too!

According to, Alex is "the senior partner of Kinross & Clark, who brings Mitch in as a partner." So... evil? Too vague to say, but we know Helfer knows how to handle a villainous role as well as she does a heroic one, so I'm thinking either way we're in for a treat.

On a random aside, this is not the first “Alex” Helfer has played. She was Alex Frost in Chuck and Alex Rice in Dark Blue. And according to IMDB, she’s credited for playing “Alexa Wolff” in a TV short called Howlin’ For You. That last one’s a stretch, but it sort of counts. Why Helfer keeps finding “Alex” roles, we may never know.

Putting aside the irrelevant Alex-connection, I was excited for 17th Precinct if only because it was going to reunite Helfer with some of her other BSG cast members (Jamie Bamber and James Callis). While neither Callis nor Bamber are among The Firm’s cast, former Cylon Callum Keith Rennie is, so there’s that to look forward to.

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