True Blood has become a Comic-Con staple over the last few years, always getting a huge crowd out to the panel as well as many, many cosplayers riffing on the show. Moderated by TV Guide's Kate Hahn, the stars on the dais include Kristin Bauer van Straten, Anna Camp, Nelsan Ellis, Rob Kazinsky, Ryan Kwanten, Joe Manganiello, Michael McMillian, Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley and Deborah Ann Woll as well as executive producer Brian Buckner. I haven't watched since the second season but will do my best. Don't bite! Sorry.

3:30 The panel kicks off with a special teaser for the second half of the current season. Back in a few. Thirsty? The preview was pretty intense, although I have no idea what is going on. There are a bunch of female vampires in prison and Sookie is seen biting someone at the end. WTF? I've been away too long. See it for yourself, I'm sure it will be online soon! Now on to the absolutely star studded and jammed packed panel.

3:37 The first question is for Anna, since her husband is now playing God at work, how is he at home? She's an Agnostic, so she's not buying it. And as far as the two getting back together on the show, well, that turns out to be a question for Buckner. Sort of. Since he doesn't answer, just talks about the recent transition to showrunner after the departure of Alan Ball. The cast treats him a lot better now. Laundry loads and such.

3:40 We've seen Jason go through some changes, how far will he go to save Jessica? Ryan says that he's not sure because he's so intent on finding out who killed his parents. He's also excited to no longer be on the lowest evolutionary totem pole. As for Sam, he got off to a sad start but managed to find another girl pretty quick so what makes him so attractive to women? He's not sure, all he knows is that they keep on dying on him. Nicole, 'the new girl,' is exciting but they also have a chance to share their sorrow. And look out for werewolves.

3:42 Tara had a heroic moment battling with Will but now that he's a vamp, will they meet again? Rutina thinks they will, just doesn't know when. How about her and Jessica, will their alliance grow deeper? Mums the word on that one. No spoilers. Lafayette's sight has cause him a lot of problems, how hard is it for Nelsan to play his character and the people he's channeling at once? Not for him. He just tried to include a few mannerisms from both.

3:45 Jessica is in the vamp camp (red is the new orange?) after her failed plan with Bill, so what is in store for her now? Since she's one of the characters who stayed relatively human, she's stuck in a period of self-loathing. Another suddenly more 'human' vampire apparently is Pam, how will she get out of the situation she's in with Eric? She can't see a way out at the moment. Caught between a rock and a hard place. Alexander is probably the hard place. But again, no spoilers!

3:48 Next question is for Joe but before he can answer a dud in the audience lets out a loud 'I love you!' After that, back to the question, how is Alcide dealing with his new difficult job? The threeways are a perk but the rest is madness. And don't punch an angry werewolf in the face. On to Anna Camp, whose character Sarah likes camps quite a bit. What's the deal? Well, it is her last name and with a sad love life she's just determined to rid the world of vamps. And maybe start Tramp-Camp.Will Jason and her share another steamy scene? Ryan can't confirm anything except their paths will cross.

3:52 On to Rob, the new guy, and whether there will be a Team Warlow? He's not sure, he think that she should ask the fans. The cheers suggest yes. As for whether his character is good or evil, well, he's part light and part dark so it's an interesting dichotomy. How does Sookie feel about him? There are definitely feelings but she's still weary having been lied to so many times. Also a bummer to find out about her parent's trying to kill her. Tough one to swallow.She does her best to rationalize their decision.

3:57 How does the season end? Awesomely, is as much as Buckner can say. And that there will be a renewed focus on Bon Temps and coming home. Condensing the storylines (the number of them) might mean bad news for some of the cast. Deaths? Like, real deaths? The show is also incredibly physical, not just the sexy stuff, but scenes like Jason doing shirtless chinups which Anna made him do longer than necessary during filming. Just to make it tough and let the fans have more to see.

4:01 Is Tara enjoying life as a vampire more than she used to? Rutina says absolutely, she likes having the power and strength. Nelsan is also known for improvising, his trick is a mix of Rihanna and the costumes to get him fully into character. He's then asked how he'd wear a scarf and he doesn't mind showing the crowd. They love it. It was pretty funny.

4:03 How did the fairies taste, Jessica? Or just the blood in general? For her, she liked the taste because the warmth reminds her of her humanity even if the eating estranges her from it. Next question is for Kristen and how much Pam still cares for Eric since it seems like she doesn't care for her maker as much anymore. She obviously still loves him and the bond is too deep to simply move on. Their relationship will be tested this year. Her and Deborah then give a shout out to their missing makers, Alex and Stephen.

4:08 Does Sarah still care for Steve? Anna Camp thinks there is definitely some love there but he hatred for vamps muddies the waters. As for Steve, does he still have a thing for Jason? Michael immediately answers, 'oh yeah.' Adding that that flame will never die. Speaking of the gay relationships, how was the kiss between Ryan and Rob? Rob said he used just the right amount of tongue. And he was much more amped up for the shaving scene than Ryan was, who just looked at it as another day at work.

4:13 On to the audience questions! For Joe, how do you like where Alcide is headed? He doesn't like everyone being mad at him but respects the thankless position of being a pack master. He regrets the break in the relationship with Sam, since those scenes were so fun to play. As for Season 6 Sookie, Anna is happy to see her being no one's doormat. Only time for one more (awe), will there be more creatures? Buckner says that he'd rather go the other way and reign it in a little bit. For him, True Blood is about the humans and vampires. Like he said, it's all about coming home.

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