True Blood has added one more to its cast. 90210's Riley Smith has boarded the HBO vampire drama for its final season, playing a sexy rock 'n roll vampire with an eye for one particular non-vampire character on the series. We'll let you decide if you want that spoiled for you by reading on. And if you're not caught up through Season 6, consider yourself spoiler-warned!

Deadline says Riley Smith will play "a major recurring role" as Keith, the sexy rock 'n' roll vampire with a romantic side in True Blood's seventh and final season, which is expected to air this Summer. The site says Keith is a drummer in James' band, and that he becomes smitten with Carrie Preston's recently widowed character Arlene on first sight. As you may recall, Arlene was married to Terry, however he died from a gunshot wound during the last season. Whether or not Arlene's ready to start dating remains to be seen, but it sounds like she'll have at least one option, and he's not one I imagine her deceased fiancé Rene would appreciate, given his intolerance toward vampires. But Arlene with a rocker vampire? I can picture her uncertainly considering the situation, at the very least.

Aside from Arlene, Keith's role factors into what sounds like new and musical territory for James, who was introduced to the series last season when he and Jessica were both incarcerated in that vampire facility. The role of James was originally played by Luke Grimes, but Grimes exited the series after Season 6, and Nathan Parsons was brought in to fill the role. Apparently, he has a band with a drummer named Keith.

Riley Smith's credits include the part of Riley Wallace in 90210, the Bombmaker for two episodes of Beauty and the Beast and, going back a bit further, roles in Drive, Joan of Arcadia and 24. You can see him being interviewed about 90210 and an ABC movie he did in this video:

With the series not expected to debut until the Summer, it's probably a bit too soon to hope that HBO will give us a glimpse or two of what's to come for the people of Bon Temps. But the series is coming to a close, so HBO will hopefully want to make an event out of the last installment of the vampire drama. There's also the release of the sixth season on DVD/Blu-Ray. Amazon has it up for Pre-Order but no date listed. If previous seasons are any indication, however, we might expect the set to drop sometime in May, ahead of the start of Season 7. Or you can watch Season 6 in its entirely on HBO Go.

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