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In four seasons of True Blood, we saw Jessica Tuck’s Nan Flanagan rise from a minor character working for the American Vampire League to a major pain in Bill’s - and I daresay the audiences’ - ass. Nan was glamorous, fierce, and a seriously manipulative individual. When she pushed the boundaries and threatened our hero, Sookie Stackhouse, at the end of Season 4, many of us relished seeing Ms. Flanagan earn her comeuppance. Unfortunately, for actress Jessica Tuck, this has meant more of an open schedule in early 2012.

This year, Tuck has already made an appearance on network TV in a recent episode of One Life To Live. Now she is headed to NBC to play out a more fairytale-oriented storyline. Tuck is set to act in an upcoming episode of Grimm called “Love Sick,” and this time she won’t need the fangs, although she will play a character who is somewhat supernatural. According to Entertainment Weekly, Tuck is set to play Adalind’s (Claire Coffee) mother, who, like Adalind is part witch and part beast, a “hexenbiest” for those who know the lingo. With Adalind’s record, I’m sure there will be some trouble a’brewing.

Right now, Tuck is just lined up for the one episode on the modern day fantasy and crime series, so there is no indication she will take a supernatural form for an extended period on the NBC show. Which is rather a shame. She’s a real natural.

“Love Sick” is set to air sometime later this season.

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