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If these clips from Episode 2 of True Blood’s fourth season tell us anything, it’s that things are just as upside down in Bon Temps as they were when the season resumed last Sunday night. If you haven’t gotten around to watching Episode 2 on HBO Go or On Demand, you can catch a few glimpses of what’s to come ahead!

Spoilers ahead!

Last week, we learned that Bill is now the vampire king of Louisiana. This week, based on one of these clips, Sookie’s about to find out. She’s also in for a couple of suprises when she visits his property.

This first clip continues the conversation between Sookie and Eric, which began toward the end of last week’s episode. Further down is the one with Sookie and Bill. And in the third clip, Jessica and Hoyt are in for some trouble as they’re confronted by protesters outside Fangtasia.

True Blood airs Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO.