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After her character was first introduced to us on True Blood, my mind went to a weird, fanfic-y crossover place where Tina Majorino's Veronica Mars character Mac has been turned into a vampire and recruited by the Authority because they too are still disappointed that Veronica Mars was cancelled years back, and recognized that a character so adorable and computer savvy needed a new place on television. That's my back-story for Molly until we get an actual one, should we ever learn it. Majorino will return in this Sunday's episode of True Blood.

The first clip we have to show you from this week's episode, titled "Let's Boot and Rally," has Molly informing Bill and Eric that the clock is ticking for them. They need to find Russell or else they'll be finding themselves bursting into a sloshy puddle of vampire goop.

And in other vampire-related news, Jessica states the obvious to Tara. What's awesome about being a vampire? Being young and beautiful forever…

Will Tara be able to see the bright side to being a vampire? It's hard to predict. I'm so used to seeing bad things happen to Tara that I genuinely can't imagine her having a good time for long without something eventually going terribly wrong. Can life after death change that?

True Blood airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

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