Earlier today, we shared HBO's preview for the coming weeks of True Blood. Now we have a look at what's ahead for the episode that will air this coming Sunday night, titled "Authority Always Wins." Not a positive sounding title… unless you're the Authority, I suppose. Spoilers ahead!

In my write-up of last night's Season 5 premiere episode, I speculated that we hadn't seen the last if Reverend Newell. Not exactly a huge stretch as far as predictions go, I know, but it looks I was right, regardless. The preview below gives us a glimpse of Newell, in addition to what's ahead for Bill and Eric, with their run-in with the Authority.

It's looking like Eric and Bill are in a pretty sticky situation with the Authority. Meanwhile, Jessica may end up having problems of her own with Reverend Newell. She seems to be enjoying the whole "My Dad's the King" thing, though we saw in the promo that Newell knows that's not the case anymore. Meanwhile, seems like things are tense between Sam and Luna, Alcide has pack problems to deal with, and it looks like we'll be introduced to Christopher Meloni's character in the coming episode.

And you can see the "bigger" preview for Season 5 here.

True Blood airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

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