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Just yesterday, we shared a bunch of new photos from the Season 5 premiere of True Blood. Today we have a teaser for the new season, which gives us an even better look at Law & Order's Chris Meloni, who joins the HBO vampire drama as a series regular. Spoilers ahead!

When we we heard the news that Meloni was confirmed to join the show, we learned that he was set to play an ancient, powerful vampire who may play a big role in Eric and Bill's stories. Those who've wanted to see how Chris Meloni looks with fangs will get their wish with this teaser…

Sort of a ritualistic Eucharistic ceremony taking place there, complete with blood in lieu of consecrated wine. What's that all about? Whatever it was, it was creepy, and fittingly so for a show like this. Also a great way to tease fans with a brief introduction to Meloni and his fangs.

If the fanged moment passed too fast for you, here's the screenshot…

Without the build up and the creepy music, it's almost funny, no?

True Blood returns for Season 5 on June 10 on HBO.

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