If Andy Bellefleur's kids weren't growing so fast, I'd suggest that HBO develop some kind of spinoff-sitcom for that band of giggling fairy girls and their ever-exasperated father. Alas, by the time they got it to pilot, the Bellefleur fairies, who go by numbers as Andy hasn't actually named them beyond that, would probably be finishing up college. Assuming fairies go to college, and I'm thinking if they did, it'd be a notorious party school. Spring break forever! In the meantime, they're sticking around Bon Temps with their father, who innocently offered up awareness of their existence to one of the most predatory people in their midst. But based on the above preview, Bill's not aware that fairies age much faster than humans.

It's evident that Bill's targeting Andy's kids, now that Sookie turned him down as a fae blood supply. I guess that tells us just how low Bill's willing to go to walk in the sun. Good for Sookie for standing up to crazy Bill. Less good for Jason, who was put through the wringer last night. Maybe he needs to dial down the enthusiasm. It doesn't seem to be doing him any good. Meanwhile, Eric's keeping busy guarding the Governor's daughter, who doesn't seem to mind being kidnapped by a dreamy vampire very much, and has proven to be a bit helpful. I'm also intrigued by the promise Eric made to Ginger about one day making good on some bedroom activity. That seems bound to come up again at some point in the future. Alas, she was left in her underwear with no Northman to satisfy her in last week's episode, and something tells me Eric's going to be pretty busy in the foreseeable future, what with his dealing with the Governor.

Moving on to the wolves… what's going on with them again? I'm with staff writer Jessica in thinking True Blood needs to cut out some of its clutter, and the wolves have felt like clutter for the last three seasons. It's less to do with their story as it is with how barely related their story feels to everything else that's going on. I keep waiting for the wolves to become more relevant, but aside from Alcide's occasional run-in with Sookie, the werewolves feels like a side story that has yet to pay off. And what is going on with them is rarely interesting enough that it's an appreciated distraction from the fanged mayhem going on elsewhere. Maybe that's the bigger issue, that it's not so much time divided attention between the plots as it is that some of the B-stories just aren't all that interesting as some of the vampire-related drama, especially this season with Lilith-Bill wandering around, that Warlow guy causing trouble and the budding war between vampires and humans.

True Blood airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

In case you didn't see it, here's the "Weeks ahead" trailer from last week:

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