True Blood's not exactly known for subtlety. In fact, the series seems to pride itself in being outlandish and over the top, regularly frolicking in darker territory, with its blood-soaked drama, chock full of sex, violence and fangs. The title for this Sunday night's episode doesn't even try to mask that. What's ahead for "Fuck the Pain Away"? I'll give you one guess. Actually, the above preview for the episode doesn't really offer much in the way of steamy content. If anything, people are too busy trying to deal with their problems. For Jessica, that's the mess she made with Bill's prisoners. And for Sookie, it's getting to the truth.

Last night's episode of True Blood ("At Last") revealed that the mysterious faerie/human halfling going by the name of Ben was actually the dangerous Warlow, who has set his sights on Sookie. Because he's part vampire, part faerie, he may be the biggest threat Bon Temps has ever seen. "At Last" ended with Sookie figuring out Ben's secret and getting him right where she wanted him. We're left to wonder how that scene picks up, and the preview offers no clues. Instead, we see Sookie mad as hell at vampires and refusing to take it anymore. At some point, it looks like she'll be sitting with Lafayette in search of the truth. Is she about to take some strange journey into her family's past? Who knows what she might find there, or what trouble this might bring on Lafayette. On the bright side, hey look! Lafayette!

it does look like Jessica's having some doubts about Bill. After she lost it on Andy's unnamed faeirie-daughters - hopefully they aren't dead - we see her hugging Bill. Something tells me, he's more concerned with all of the precious blood Jessica drank than he is the hosts. And later Jessica is seen questioning whether she's been serving the devil. Well, there may be hell to pay as Andy's figured out who took his not-so-little girls and he's come to rescue them. But is it too late? And is Andy in a world of hurt when he comes face to face with Bill? Hopefully nothing happens to him. He may be a bit bumbling, but he's still somehow one of the more likable residents left on Bon Temps. I think it has to do with his desperate attempts to be a good father to his swiftly-aging daughters.

In other news, things are happening with the wolves.

Here's a look inside Episode 4:

True Blood airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

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