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Tudors Star Natalie Dormer Signs On For Poe

There are a few pilots set in different time periods in the works and among them is Poe, which may end up on ABC’s primetime line-up, should it get a series order. It seems fitting that English actress Natalie Dormer should be cast in this one as she already has some experience with different time periods from a previous role.

Poe is a crime procedural set in Boston in the 1840’s that follows the first detective, Edgar Allan Poe. If I’m remembering high school English correctly, the real Poe was a writer, with works involving beating floorboards and quothing ravens. Set during Poe’s day, it seems Poe envisions the man as a crime-solving-guy instead of a word-guy.

Christopher Egan has already been signed on to play Poe and according to the Hollywood Reporter, Natalie Dormer, known for playing the role of Anne Boleyn in Showtime’s The Tudors is set to play the role of Celeste. Just what the role entails wasn’t mentioned. We’ll have to wait and see if more information is released and whether Poe gets a pick-up.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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