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Somebody find the Log Lady and tell her carve us up some pie, because the upcoming return of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks is bringing back the one character the entire damn series relies on: Special Agent Dale Cooper. There's no better way to announce that news than by this dapper tweet from Lynch himself.

Actor Kyle MacLachlan actually played a big part in confirming his return to the surreal mystery. He surprisingly showed up at Showtime’s panel for the ongoing TCA press event, joining Showtime president David Nevins on stage and immediately bringing up the iconic “damn fine cup of coffee.” Nevins said that Cooper will definitely be the revival’s lead character, according to THR. He added they’ll continue the casting process as time goes on, saying he’s “more or less writing checks and leaving them alone.” Just make sure Michael J. Anderson and his Man from Another Place are a part of that check-distributing process.

If we’re being honest, there wasn’t much doubt that Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost would get MacLachlan back to show audiences just what the hell happened to Dale Cooper after the finale. Is he in the Black Lodge? The White Lodge? The Red Room? The Lost Highway? Wait, that was a different one.

Still, assuming MacLachlan’s imminent involvement hasn’t taken away from the excitement that it’s now official, and as much proof as anything that Twin Peaks is actually coming back next year. I can’t be blamed for thinking the announcement in October could have been a pumpkin spice-induced hallucination.

No further information was given about what this new season of Twin Peakswill focus on, but that’s to be expected, given the show won’t premiere on Showtime until 2016. Many people are probably hoping it favors the first season more than the wildly uneven second season, but I can find joy in all of it, especially with Cooper leading the way.

MacLachlan, who was last seen on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., kept his stay short, and graced audiences with the following exit line.
I'm very excited to return to the strange world of Twin Peaks. May the forest be with you."

While we have no idea when more facts will start dropping on the future of Twin Peaks - we’re guessing Chief Gordon Cole is still loud – fans will be able to get a bigger piece of the puzzle with Mark Frost’s co-written tie-in book The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks. Set to be released at some point later this year, the book will delve into the Laura Palmer murder, as well as clue us in on where the show’s main characters have been for the past 25 years. The perfect way to ease old fans and potential new ones into this cult series’ improbable return? We hope so.