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Last week, Twin Peaks co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost announced that new episodes of the cult series are being produced for Showtime. Twin Peaks isn’t slated to hit the schedule until 2016, but we’ve already begun to learn about some potential castings. This week, Michael Horse, who played the likeable and competent Hawk on the series, spoke out to say that Michael Ontkean is expected to return for the new episodes.

Horse recently spoke with Alternative Nation to talk about the upcoming episodes, mentioning he’s heard along the grapevine that Ontkean, who played Sheriff Harry S. Truman during the original series, will be coming back.
“I already heard they are [getting Michael Ontkean back], that’s what I heard. But it’s going to be really interesting. They’re going to get some new characters, they’re going to get some young girls, that’s sort of the eye of these guys. But what happened to these characters 25 years later is going to be really interesting to the fans.”

If Ontkean does return, he’s the second person who has been rumored to come back for the series. Kyle MacLachlan recently hinted about his return to Twin Peaks, Washington via social media. If both actors do officially get contracted to come back, it means viewers will see the return of both halves of the dynamic duo who was originally tasked with solving the murder of Laura Palmer.

Additionally, Horse told the outlet that he also hopes to return to the series, noting that David Lynch actually reached out speak to him recently. He missed the call, but he still hope's Lynch was bringing good news.
“David’s assistant called, he was trying to get a call from me in Paris to talk to me. I figured either David was going to say we’re doing it again, but sorry we’re not going to use you (laughs), he’s that sweet of a guy… Like I said, I’ve got such respect for David as an artist. If David didn’t use me, I’d be disappointed, but not upset. What David sees is what David sees.”

Hawk was one of the more likeable characters on Twin Peaks. A man of few words, he was highly competent and showed up to save the day on several occasions, most notably when the team attempted to infiltrate One-Eyed Jacks. It sounds like Horse currently has no idea if he will come back, but it sounds as if Lynch and Frost are busy trying to figure out who will be available when filming commences, who would be willing to come back and who they can work into the new timeline.

Frost recently spoke out to say fans would be getting answers “sooner rather than later," so presumably we’ll be getting answers soon enough.

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