Under The Dome Casts Junior And Linda

CBS' planned summer series Under the Dome has added two more actors to the cast, one of whom is playing a role featured prominently in Stephen King's book. Set to be featured in the 13-episode series from Steven Spielberg and Stephen King are Natalie Martinez and Alex Koch, who join previously cast Colin Ford.

The series is based on King's novel and takes place in the New England town of Chester Mill, where a mysterious and impenetrable dome drops down, blocking anyone from getting in or out of the town. As is the case with many of King's novels, dark and light (or good and evil) have their place, and the characters recently cast for the TV adaptation seem to lean in different directions in that regard.

Deadline reports that Natalie Martinez (Detroit 187, CSI: NY) is set to play the role of Linda, described as "a young, ambitious deputy, fiercely loyal to Sheriff Duke Perkins, who runs a tight ship in the town of Chester’s Mill." Though there's nothing mentioned in her description about her spouse, the Linda in the book is married to Rusty, one of the lead characters. Not sure if that'll be the case here or if they're going in a different direction for her part.

The other role cast is Junior Rennie, described for the series as, "son of the local politician and car dealer, who is a smart, secretly deeply disturbed college freshman desperately in love with local girl Angie, a waitress who’s desperate to get out of Chester’s Mill." Alex Koch has been cast to play the part. "Deeply disturbed" sounds about right as a description for Junior, who - in the book - also happens to have a grudge against lead character Dale "Barbie" Barbara. I'm eager to see who they cast for Barbie. In the meantime, Koch seems relatively new to the scene as his listed acting credits are limited to two shorts and an episode of Underemployed.

The last bit of casting news for the CBS series was about Colin Ford signing on to play Joe.

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