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Under The Dome Watch: Episode 11 - Speak Of The Devil

On the subject of random observations as it relates to Under the Dome (opens in new tab), I like that the female characters don't wear a lot of make-up. This specifically applies to characters like Angie, Linda and Julia. Given everything these ladies are going through, it seems like it would be impractical to see them all made up and gorgeous each episode. Well, made up anyway. They still manage to pull off gorgeous while looking appropriately ruffled. They're not Walking Dead-level scruffy, but they don't look like they're spending hours getting dolled up before facing off against whatever obstacles the dome has for them on any given day. So points for that toward the show. Of course, it doesn't hurt that these actors are naturally beautiful.

Let's get back on topic though. A storm was a'brewin' during tonight's episode of Under the Dome ("Speak of the Devil"). In fact, it was a foamy looking tornado that swept through Chester's Mill for some mysterious reason. There were two theories about what caused it. One was that Junior and Angie's latest fight resulted in the dome throwing a temper tantrum. Another was that the dome was reacting to Julia getting shot and nearly dying. Because the storm let up right as Junior agreed to return with Angie to mini dome. And that was also just as Barbie was sucking the air out of Julia's chest, bringing her back to life in the process.

Let's pause for a moment and note the wackiness of that medical miracle. I'm not a doctor, and if you are go ahead and argue with me here, or tell me that I'm wrong to raise an eyebrow at Barbie's act of heroism, but how exactly does Barbie know how to stab someone in the chest and suck the air out to relieve pressure on their heart? How did he even know pressure on her heart killed her? Granted, this life-saving gesture was a bit more thrilling than some simple CPR, but on the reality side, it seemed like a stretch.

Going back to the storm, we don't know what caused it or what stopped it. The whole "monarch" mystery is still unsolved, though Joe thinks Barbie is the monarch, since he's all about saving lives. But maybe Julia's the monarch, since her almost-death caused a tornado… assuming that's what caused it.

The mini dome club got their next clue tonight, after figuring out the constellation it projected was instructions to a specific spot at big-dome. When all Angie, Junior, Norrie and Joe put their hands to big-dome at that spot, they shared a vision of Jim Rennie on the other side of the dome. He just stood there at first, and then started bleeding in his chest and stomach, as though he'd been stabbed. His nose was also bleeding. The mini-domers each looked down to see that they were holding knives, implying that they're the ones that stabbed Jim. The knives disappeared when they moved their hands off the dome, and Junior freaked out and ran off, leaving the other three to consider the possibility that this clue means they're supposed to kill Jim Rennie. It's a pretty morbid bit of speculation, but given the "clue" it seems like the most obvious conclusion to jump to.

Jim Rennie may not be stabbed (yet) but he does have blood all over his hands. Last week, he let Maxine's mother drown, and tonight he killed Maxine and her guard, after they nearly killed him, though we really can't call what he did self defense. Let's go back a bit and start from the start here. The episode began with a shocking moment as Maxine knocked on Julia's door, made some snide comment about how Julia can't even help herself, then put a bullet in Julia's chest. Or maybe it was her shoulder. It was enough to nearly kill Julia, and given Chester's Mill's limited medical staff and resources, it might have if Barbie wasn't there to perform an emergency heart depressurizing lung-sucking procedure.

I was actually thinking that Max shot Julia because she found out her mother died and assumed it was Barbie who killed her. Because that seems like it would be an even act of revenge for people a woman who believes in the whole eye for an eye thing. But no, Max hadn't even found her mother's body by that point. She shot Julia because Barbie said no to her. Seems like kind of an overreaction in my opinion.

With that in mind, the grief period for Max will probably be brief for most of us, though Natalie Zea was a great temporary addition to the cast. Barbie and Rennie were at each others' throats tonight, but willing to put their differences aside to go after Max together, which they did. Max and her guy got Rennie and Barbie at gunpoint, but the two men turned things around on them (there's an app for that) and they got the upper hand. Barbie was willing to walk away from the whole thing, but Rennie was all too happy to put a bullet into Max and her guard. So they're no longer a threat to anyone, and Rennie has two more bodies to add to his count. Only he's giving Barbie the credit for that. Linda showed up just after Barbie attacked Rennie and took his gun from him, and naturally Linda thought Barbie killed Max and the other guy. Thanks to Rennie, she now also thinks Barbie killed Max's mother too, because why not throw that murder onto the pile?

Barbie's now on the run and a wanted man. He's also the guy the military's been looking for, according to what Dodee heard over the radio. What's that all about? It's one more unanswered question to ponder while we wait for the last two episodes to air.

Before we wrap this up, let's talk about Linda. On one hand, I'm frustrated with the way she keeps letting people tell her what's happening rather than trusting her instincts. More than once during this episode, it seemed like she wanted to trust Barbie, or at the very least, to give him the benefit of the doubt. And she has reason not to trust Rennie. She knows about the propane. He didn't even deny it to her. Rennie's defense to that was basically to argue that the propane he was buying off the books and selling to a drug dealer is now fueling the town. He fell just short of saying, "You're welcome" for his criminal acts. So she knows Rennie's involved in some shady dealings, but I can see how she wouldn't want to jump to the conclusion that he's capable of murder. And she has no reason to yet.

Barbie, on the other hand, is a wild card. He's an outsider, and from the things Phil told her, he's kind of shady. So she has reason to consider Barbie suspect. But she seems to have doubts about that. Or she did when she was looking at the Shumway foyer and considering the possibility that Barbie shot Julia because she found out that he was involved in Peter's disappearance. (Phil filled in some of the blanks there.) And it seemed like she hesitated when she found Barbie holding Rennie at gunpoint. If she had looked down at the two bodies on the ground, she might have noticed that Rennie was the one facing them, while Barbie had his back to them. She might have even considered later that Barbie disarmed Rennie as efficiently as he took her down and ran off.

Barbie's not a saint. But he's taking the fall for a lot of things Rennie did. Will Linda figure that out? Or is she going to stand back and let Rennie run this show, which could include the capture, trial and sentencing of Dale Barbara.

Creepy line of the night comes courtesy of Junior: "I'd rather live in here and die in here than ever be apart from you." - I think he was going for dramatic-romantic. We probably have Twilight to blame for this particular brand of melodrama. Or maybe that's just my justification for finding Alexander Koch so dreamy in spite of the creepy-factor.

Funny line of the night comes courtesy of Joe: "I have my learners permit but the guy said I didn't check my mirrors enough." - It was just so honest and real. Joe's adorable.

Two more episodes left before the series wraps up for the summer!

Kelly West
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