Manifest: 10 Other Shows To Watch When You're Done Streaming The NBC Drama

Some of the main cast of _Manifest._

Some of the main cast of Manifest

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While there have been shows that have been cancelled far too soon on Netflix, a new one has just been added to its seemingly never-ending repertoire of shows, and that is the NBC series Manifest, which will receive its fourth and final season on the streamer after the hype for it has grown exponentially in the last couple of months.

For now, your binge of the series is done, and you’re looking for something new to watch - a show that has the same vibes as Manifest. Well, look no further, because we have a nice list of great shows that will scratch that itch for you. Here are some shows like Manifest that you should watch right now.

Some of the main cast of Lost.

Lost (Amazon Prime)

In this legendary drama series, Lost follows a group of people who are strangers and survive a commercial plane crash, washing up on an island in the Pacific. The survivors begin to work together to somehow stay alive, while also discovering mysteries of the island, ones that will change their lives forever.

Lost was one of the first dramas I think I ever heard of way back when, simply because it was so popular. The Lost cast is talented, the story intriguing, and it will have you binging every episode to see what the answer is to the new mysteries that pop up constantly. Let’s just not talk about the series finale. That can be a discussion for another day.

Stream Lost on Amazon Prime.

Prairie in The OA on Netflix.

The OA (Netflix)

The OA tells the story of Prairie Johnson, an adopted young woman who suddenly resurfaces after years of being missing. She now calls herself the “OA,” otherwise known as the “Original Angel,” has scars on her back, and can now see when she was blind before.

For fans of Manifest, the mystery behind Prairie will be what keeps you going at first. You’re so intrigued by this girl that you’ll want to keep watching, but once everything is revealed, there will be so much more for you to enjoy after. I really don’t want to give much away because it’s such a great show that was cancelled far too soon. Give it a shot if haven’t already.

Stream The OA on Netflix.

The dome in Under the Dome.

Under The Dome (Pluto TV)

Under the Dome, adapted from the Stephen King novel of the same name, tells the story of the residents of a fictional town called Chester’s Mill, when suddenly, a massive, transparent, and indestructible dome is placed on their town, locking them away from the rest of world. Now, it’s up to them to figure out how to get out - and why it happened to them in the first place.

I love the mystery of this. It’s Stephen King, so you know that the story is going to be good going into this. But, for fans of Manifest, it’s a lot of the same mystery that you’ve come to enjoy, except this time with a sudden lock-down instead of people reappearing out of nowhere. It’s a race against time.

Stream Under The Dome on Pluto TV.

Some of the main cast of Travelers.

Travelers (Netflix)

The science fiction series, Travelers, is set in a post apocalyptic world where special operatives are tasked with preventing the collapse of society, sent back in time through their consciousness and transferred into a host body.

For fans of Manifest, this show is just the right amount of strange to keep you entertained. At first, there’s a lot of information all at once and it’s almost a little hard to understand, but Travelers is a great science fiction show, with plenty of interesting concepts that would make anyone want to keep watching. I feel like a lot of the time-traveling aspect sort of reminds me of the supernatural feelings you get while watching Manifest, which makes it perfect for fans of the show.

Stream Travelers on Netflix.

Some of the main characters in Fringe.

Fringe (Amazon Prime)

On Fringe, we follow the “Fringe Division” of the FBI in Boston, who are under the supervision of Homeland Security. This division is known for using “fringe science” and FBI investigative techniques to look into a series of unexplained occurrences that are usually related to something like a parallel universe.

Fringe lasted for five seasons, and honestly, I feel like it could have gone on for so many more. With J.J. Abrams as one of the executive producers, this show had so many fun mysteries, moments, and more to enjoy. For fans of Manifest, this is the perfect show if you’re craving a series like it, but want something a little different.

Stream Fringe on Amazon Prime.

Kaley Cuoco in The Flight Attendant.

The Flight Attendant (HBO Max)

In this HBO Max original series, a flight attendant who has an alcohol problem wakes up in a bed one morning next to a dead man, unaware of what happened the night before and no idea how it happened. Now, she has to try and piece the last night together bit by bit, trying to figure out who did it - and if it could have been her.

While fans of Manifest will again enjoy the mystery of this show, I feel like The Flight Attendant shines in not only its well-crafted story mixed in with comedy, but also the performance of Kaley Cuoco. She really rocks it in her role and brings it home, showing that while she was an amazing part of the Big Bang Theory cast, she can be amazingly dramatic as well.

Stream The Flight Attendant on HBO Max.

Jordan Peele in The Twilight Zone.

The Twilight Zone (Paramount+)

In this Jordan Peele rebooted version of the original series, The Twilight Zone takes you into different parallel universes where strange and otherwise weird occurrences happen, in a world known as “the twilight zone.”

I feel like for fans of Manifest, this is the show that made sci-fi and supernatural TV. The original version of The Twilight Zone has some amazing episodes, but the Jordan Peele reboot of the series really takes the cake for me in a couple of ways. There are some really cool stories, some simply mysterious and others supernatural, mixed in with a great guest cast. To me, this is one of the greatest dramas on Paramount+ they have, and deserved way more seasons.

Stream The Twilight Zone on Paramount Plus.

One of the main characters in Dark.

Dark (Netflix)

In this international series on Netflix, Dark takes place in the fictional town of Winden in Germany, covering the story of a child’s disappearance, as the town tries to pursue the truth. But, in doing so, they discover connections between four estranged families who are all related to a time travel conspiracy that spans generations.

Oh boy, if Manifest fans are looking for a good combination of mystery and the supernatural, than Dark is your go-to. For me, this was one of the most mentally draining shows because there were so many twists and turns, with so much lore in the background that it makes for a really detailed mystery series. But, at the same time, it’s the perfect show for people who enjoy a good mystery and want to discover a new world of strange happenings.

Stream Dark on Netflix.

Some of the main characters in The Leftovers.

The Leftovers (HBO Max)

In another supernatural mystery series, The Leftovers tells the story of what happens when 2% of the world's population suddenly disappears, leaving many behind, with everyone having lost someone and trying to figure out what happened and how to adjust to their new life.

This is definitely one of my favorites on this list, and a great choice for fans of Manifest. While 2% doesn’t sound like a lot, there are more than seven billion people on the planet, which means that 140,000,000+ people would suddenly just vanish into thin air - that sounds freaking mental when you really think about it, and they do a great job of establishing that throughout the series. It’s another one where I don’t want to give much away as to why it occurred - you just have to watch it yourself.

Stream The Leftovers on HBO Max.

Some of the characters in The 4400.

The 4400 (Netflix)

In this science fiction drama, The 4400 tells the story of the titular amount of people, who are deposited by a ball of light in Washington, though they'd all disappeared in the same beam of light, either in 1946 or after. None of them have aged, and they have no idea how they got there.

For fans of Manifest, the premise of this reminds me a lot of the show, except instead of a group of passengers suddenly reappearing, it’s a group of people from various points in time suddenly reappearing, none of whom have aged. With four seasons, there’s so much to uncover and explore, and to find out who exactly these people are, and what they have become. Really, if you enjoyed Manifest, this is for sure a show you will enjoy.

Stream The 4400 on Netflix.

Manifest has really made me so interested in mystery shows, and, honestly, I know that now it’s one of the best shows on Netflix to binge. Since we all have to wait for Season 4, which won’t be premiering on any 2021 fall TV schedule, at least now we have some options to keep us entertained until then.

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