Video: Stephen Colbert Announces Plans To Run For President Of South Carolina

If you're even a casual watcher of The Colbert Report, you must be well aware of the Colbert Super PAC. To raise awareness of the insane campaign finance laws that essentially allow candidates to take limitless money from anonymous donors, Colbert has been taking donations from viewers to form his PAC-- Political Action Committee, that is-- and planned to use that money to do… well, we didn't really know. But with the Republican Presidential Primary in Colbert's home state of South Carolina looming, Colbert learned that 5% of primary voters said they would vote for him-- more than would go for actual candidate John Huntsman. With that in mind, Colbert realized he had to hand over the reins of the Super PAC, and, well you can see how it turned out in the video below.

The Colbert Report

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It's unclear exactly how much of a role Colbert will be able to play in the South Carolina, which happens next Saturday, January 21-- he missed the November 1 filing deadline to get his name on the ballot, and write-in candidates are not allowed. But Colbert clearly plans to throw a wrench into the primary with provocative and possibly bizarre ads from his Super PAC, which he's not allowed to coordinate with, but is now run by Jon Stewart-- who, apparently, is Colbert's business partner thanks to their plans to open a bagel shop-cum-travel agency, From Schmear to Eternity.

Colbert has danced along the line between satire and reality for years now, but his Super PAC action over the last few months has taken it to a whole new level. We're unlikely to ever see Colbert as a legitimate political candidate, but the more he throws himself into the gears of the political machine, the more he seems to make sense, and make the real world look like the satire. I know if I were a registered South Carolina Republican, I'd find a way to give him my vote.

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