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Videos From Chuck 3D Episode

This week’s episode of Chuck is coming to you in 3D! And what’s more, hold onto your hats Drive Shaft fans because Dominic Monaghan is set to guest star in the episode, titled “Chuck vs. the Third Dimension,” playing an international rock star. NFL star Jerome Bettis is also set to star in the episode, which is set to air in 3D. We’ve got some clips from the episode as well as an episode description for you to check out.

According to NBC’s website, you can get your 3D glasses at Sobe Lifewater and Pepsi displays. Even without the glasses, the guest stars and synopsis for this installment of Chuck look pretty good.

“DOMINIC MONAGHAN (LOST) AND NFL STAR JEROME BETTIS STAR IN 3-D EPISODE—Chuck (Zachary Levi) foils a plan to kill international rock star Tyler Martin (guest star Dominic Monaghan) leading Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Casey (Adam Baldwin) to kidnap the musician to find out who wants him dead. When Chuck is left unattended with Tyler, the party animal rocker convinces Chuck to go out on the town, which only ends in a night of trouble. Meanwhile, Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence) enlists Morgan (Josh Gomez) to look out for his old football buddy Jimmy (guest star Jerome Bettis) who was just released from jail and hired at the Buy More. In the midst of Morgan’s newly assigned duties, he wins a pair of backstage passes to Tyler’s show and holds a contest in true Super Bowl fashion that pits Jeff (Scott Krinsky) against the formidable ex-con Jimmy.

Chuck airs on NBC on Monday nights at 8:00 PM.

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