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It’s no secret that The Hobbit and LOTR director Peter Jackson loves Doctor Who. He’s been so keen about directing an episode of the series in the past that he even took a meeting with Who showrunner Steven Moffat a couple of years ago. Now that The Battle of the Five Armies is officially on Blu-ray and the world of Tolkien may very well be behind the director, it seems he may finally take on the task of directing an episode of Doctor Who. Or maybe he’s just trolling us still. Here’s what’s happening.

Over the weekend, Peter Jackson released a charming video of what looks to be the director polishing his Academy Awards while his daughter sits nearby. The two end up chatting about Doctor Who while at the kitchen table, and then things get weird. Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi shows up, explaining that Steven Moffat gave him a mysterious document that Jackson needs to sign. Jackson looks the document over while Capaldi seems unnerved. Eventually a Dalek shows up, and we all know how much Peter Jackson loves Daleks.

Even more unnervingly, as this whole thing is going on, there’s a copy of Tolkien’s The Silmarillion on the table, leaving fans open to even more speculation. But don’t take it from me. Give the whole Facebook video a watch, below.

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Posted by Peter Jackson on Sunday, November 29, 2015

Honestly, whether or not Peter Jackson ends up signing on to direct an episode of Doctor Who, there’s at least some trolling going on her, between the copy of the book and the appearance of Capaldi with a mysterious letter from Moffat. Since the Tolkien family still holds the rights to The Silmarillion (and reportedly hates Jackson’s work) it’s unlikely a movie would be forthcoming, although those pink tabs seem to indicate ideas have been running around the famous director’s mind. The potential to direct a Doctor Who episode has way fewer issues to overcome.

Doctor Who is heading toward its season ender and Christmas special, so if Peter Jackson were to direct, the event would likely be a part of the upcoming tenth season. If you’ve been keeping tabs on that, earlier reports indicated Doctor Who might downsize in 2016, but Moffat recently said fans will get the 12 episodes and the holiday special they are accustomed to. And maybe Peter Jackson will be involved, as well. I’m all-in on these potential celebrity appearances.