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Part of the joy embedded in the break between seasons of The Walking Dead involves not only wondering what will happen to the characters that we all know and love, but what new characters will join the mayhem when the show returns. We’re pumped that Season 6 will be building up the population of Alexandria – while also possibly introducing characters from outside the walls – and we now know who new addition Merritt Wever (Nurse Jackie) will be portraying: Denise Cloyd!

Denise is one of the more important citizens of Alexandria in the comics, as she is basically the main source of medical help in the community after Pete died. And since we saw Rick brutally end Pete in the Season 5 finale, that place is definitely in desperate need of someone to play doctor. (Not that kind of playing doctor, Richonne hopefuls.) Denise is without a doubt the role that we were hoping Wever was signed up for, although the producers were cagey about releasing that info when her casting was revealed at Comic-Con.

Those hoping that The Walking Dead will bring more romance to counter the bloodshed should also be happy to hear that Denise is now in this universe, as she and other new addition Heath (played by Corey Hawkins) are hot and heavy in the comics. It’d be strange if they didn’t decide to keep that going for the TV show, though anything is possible with Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman’s remixes.

Okay, so are you ready to see what Wever looks like as the bespectacled Denise? Here you go, thanks to EW.

Get ready for some new faces on The Walking Dead. #50Scoops50Days

Posted by Entertainment Weekly on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It was also revealed that Ethan Embry, who we first saw butting heads with Rick in the first trailer, will be playing a character named Carter, who will be an amalgamation of several other comic characters. We’re assuming that it’s some of the lesser-utilized folks like Scott and Darius, since the show now has most of the major characters already in play.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC for Season 6, with a premiere date set for October 11. We can’t wait to see who gets introduced next! (Fingers crossed for Jesus.)

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