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Potential Spoiler Warning for the upcoming Season 6 as well as the most recent season of The Walking Dead

As The Walking Dead series makes it’s way through the territory of the comic, fans are always on the lookout for their favorite characters as they enter the story of Rick Grimes and his band of survivors. We now have confirmation that another major character from the books will be making his appearance on TV, and we know who will be playing the part. Corey Hawkins has been cast as Alexandria’s supply runner Heath.

Hawkins, who will be seen later this summer playing Dr. Dre in the NWA biopicStraight Outta Compton, has been seen on set by THR and they have our first look of the actor looking undeniably like the comic character. Check it out!

Welcome to The Walking Dead, Corey Hawkins!

Posted by The Hollywood Reporter on Friday, June 5, 2015

Heath is the member of the Alexandria Safe Zone that we arguably see the most of in Robert Kirkman’s comics. While the Walking Dead series has followed the general direction of the comics there have also been significant changes to the source material. The lifespans of several characters have changed drastically between the comic book and the TV series so it’s impossible to know what’s going to happen. While it’s likely that Heath will be a major character in the upcoming Season 6 and potentially beyond, it’s difficult to know for sure. Alexandria is a long-term haven for our band of characters in the books, and Heath becomes close with several members of the group. Here's what he looks like on the page, in case you needed a reminder.


Hawkins is the first confirmed new cast member for the new season of The Walking Dead. A casting notice from last month gave us enough information to have us guessing that Heath would be one of those new characters mentioned, and we're extremely pleased that it is. We should be expecting another new character shortly as well, as another casting notice for a character code-named “Tucker” went along with the one that was believed to be for Heath.

New cast members are a requirement for this show that moves through actors like almost nothing else on television. It’s entirely possible that minutes after the photo of Hawkins was taken his leg was bitten off by a wandering walker. That would be surprising, but it wouldn’t be that surprising.

As we get amped up for Season 6 in October, we're still waiting for the Walking Dead spinoff series to come...sometime. What other characters are we missing in the Alexandria Safe Zone? Who are you looking forward to meeting?

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