Spoilers if you aren’t caught up on The Walking Dead through last night’s “Dead Weight” episode!

The promo for next Sunday’s mid-season finale episode “Too Far Gone” promises that “some will fall," and given what we know is coming, that seems inevitable. But who? Well, if the Governor had his way, I’d say Michonne and Rick would be at the top of his list. But the Governor doesn’t always get his way, and I have this dark, sinking suspicion that it’ll be Hershel who falls. Maybe because we saw him in the Governor’s sights at the end of last night’s episode. Of course, it’s more likely that the Governor would target Michonne, but is it hard to imagine Hershel putting himself between Michonne and a bullet if it means saving someone’s life?

That’s just a bit of speculation. We don’t even know if the Governor will pull the trigger. Last night’s episode had him sneaking around in the woods near the prison, spying on Carl and Rick before locking his target on Michonne, who was near the fence with Hershel. Will he shoot? Or is he going to lower his gun and sneak away to return and rally the troops? Or maybe he’ll shoot, then return for more people and supplies (and a tank). It’s anyone’s guess. What the preview does show us is the Governor using his power of persuasion to presumably encourage his new group to attack the prison. And we see Rick and his people looking amped up for a fight on the other side of the fence. The likelihood that characters we know will die seems about as guaranteed as it gets, particularly with the “some will fall” line and the fact that this is the mid-season finale. Sunday’s episode could very well end with Rick’s group having to leave the prison.

Here’s another glimpse at the episode, which shows Lily faced with having to take out a walker, who’s moving quickly across the river…

For a second, I thought that walker might be the Governor, stumbling home after a possible altercation at the prison. Remember when Andrea nearly killed Daryl, who was stumbling back to the farm after trying to find Sophia? Classic zombie-person mix-up, right?

Speaking of Daryl, in addition to the mayhem that seems poised to ensue at the prison, we also have the face-off between Daryl and Rick to anticipate. Assuming there is a face-off, anyway. It seems like a fair assumption to say that Daryl won’t be pleased when he learns Carol’s been sent away. Tension between Rick and Daryl seems like the best case scenario, with the worst being that Daryl leaves to go find Carol, leaving the prison one major fighter short ahead of the battle they don’t yet know is coming.

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The Walking Dead airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

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