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While it feels like the rest of the season of The Walking Dead is just getting going, there are really only a handful of episodes left. Tensions seem to be running as high as ever and last night, some of that was relieved with a bit of shooting and plenty of walker appearances. What’s ahead for Season 2? Catch a glimpse of “18 Miles Out” ahead!?

You can read our full breakdown about last night’s episode, including my theory about Shane here. Below is a clip from “18 Miles Out,” which has Lori and Maggie talking about boys. While Lori isn’t exactly the person I’d go to for advice these days, given that she’s got her hands full with her own issues, she actually offers some helpful words of wisdom for Maggie...

And here’s the episode preview that aired after last night’s episode...

Who is Maggie trying to keep Andrea away from? Last night, I thought those two shared a moment while they were sitting by Beth’s bed, but is Andrea now posing a threat to Beth? Or is “her” someone else? As for Rick and Shane, are they in a disagreement over the kid they brought back from town? We know there’s a lot of tension between these two. It’ll be interesting if it ends up erupting over a stranger.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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