We're just five days away from the third season premiere of The Walking Dead. At long last, we'll get to see how Rick and the other survivors in his group are doing in the wake of their farmhouse exodus. The video clip we have to share with you is short on walkers, or anything all that exciting for that matter, but it does give us some idea of what's been going on for Rick and his people since Season 2 ended.

Last season ended with the group abandoning Hershel's farm just as it was overrun by walkers. If you're hoping that The Walking Dead will fast-forward through the part where Rick's group wanders around in circles in search of some shelter and a place to rest for a bit, it looks like you may be in luck. The clip below has the group stopping to check the map, and their conversation suggests that some time has passed...

Like I said, it's not the most exciting clip, but if nothing more, it tells us that Rick's group has been on the look-out for shelter for a while now and navigating through and around the walker-herds sounds like it's proving to be tricky work. Assuming they'll find the prison in the first episode of Season 3, this little catch-up conversation could serve to fill the gap between the end of Season 2 and the start of Season 3, so it doesn't seem like they left the farm and just happened to wander onto another place of refuge. Then again, it's just one clip so there may be more to the story. All we can do is speculate until Sunday night!

The Walking Dead premieres Sunday, October 14 on AMC.

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