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Last night's The Walking Dead left off in a pretty dark place on all fronts. Not that this is a series that features frequent moments of levity, but things seem particularly gloomy for Rick and his group. Maybe it's the state of Glenn and Maggie, two characters that are usually on the lighter side of the story. Gloomy or not, The Walking Dead is back and there are obstacles to overcome for the characters. The clips and promo for next Sunday's episode ("Home") show us some of the danger and drama ahead as the characters move forward.

The promo gives us a look at what's going on in both camps - or all three, if we count Daryl and Merle as their own separate camp.

It looks like Andrea wants to find the prison and at least speak with her former group. If there's ever a chance at peace between the two sides (seems unlikely), she'd be it. But the Governor doesn't seem to trust her. Meanwhile, it looks like Glenn's ready to take some action. And that brings us to this clip, which shows Glenn, Hershel and the other people at the prison discussing the Governor and what to do next.

It seems like Glenn's thinking emotionally rather than strategically. After what happened to Maggie, it's not hard to understand why he would want to take the man out. But is now really the time? Maybe. Maybe not. If only Rick were in his right mind…

Finally, we have a look at what's going on with Merle and Daryl.

Is Daryl thinking maybe he needs to return to his group to help them? I can't entirely blame him for sticking with his brother. It's his brother, after all. But I want to believe he feels some loyalty toward Rick's people. So it'll be interesting to see what choices he makes in the future and whether or not his loyalty is really put the test. That seems inevitable.

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The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.