The Walking Dead has returned, at long last! The first episode of the third season brought us back to the group of survivors as they continue searching for a safe place to settle down after Season 2's big farm-exodus. Who's still alive? What's been going on? And what kind of zombie mayhem is in store for them? The answers to those questions were delivered during the walker-packed first installment of Season 3, and deliver it did!

We have some videos from next week's episode for you to check out, but first, let's look back at last night's "Seed."

Am I a horrible person to not be disappointed that Lori and Rick are still on the outs? Maybe if and when they do reconcile, I'll be ok with it, but for now, I was glad to see Season 3 kick off with Lori's pregnancy thoroughly fast-forwarded and Rick and her barely on speaking terms. It's less about seeing Lori "punished" for her relationship with Shane (I don't really have issues with that - she thought he was dead) as it is about not loving her character in general. And I like seeing Rick focused on the mission and on taking care of his people. It's also worth mentioning that Carl seemed far more tolerable in last night's episode. It's evident he's been given a few tips on how to be a helpful, contributing part of the group, as opposed to adding more problems to it. And he's using a gun now. Go Carl!

Speaking of the group, as is pointed out in the video below, things are in a much better place for Rick's people over all. The group isn't broken anymore. Take that Shane! I like to think twice-dead Shane is somewhere watching on from the great beyond, grumbling about Rick's leadership while watching this group band together, finally united and not at each other's throats (even if things are Tensionville for Lori and Rick).

Episode 2 spoilers ahead!

The preview for next week's episode shows Rick determined to protect their new prison, and the introduction to the Governor!

And next up, we have a look at the group rushing to save Hershel, who's bleeding out…

As gory as it was to see Rick hacking away at Hershel's leg - YES! It was bound to happen that someone might try to save someone by cutting off a limb after they've been bitten. And who better to try this technique on than Hershel, a crucial member of the group. I would have also accepted Darryl as an answer, as he would likely prove to be an enthusiastic and lethal walker-hunter even if he was missing an arm, a leg, an eye or just about any other part. But Hershel's a doctor, and not only does that make him especially useful, but there's a baby on the way and they're going to need him around soon enough. Either Rick's plan was brilliant, or Hershel's going to die a slow and painful death either by bleeding out, an infected wound, or the walker virus, whichever comes first.

The title "Sick" could refer to Hershel. Or it could be a reference to Andrea, whom we know is battling some illness while her new (or not-so-new lately) friend Michonne looks after her.

The Walking Dead aires Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

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