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Last night's episode of The Walking Dead took us away from Rick and his group entirely, and focused on Andrea and Michonne's adventure, which led them to Woodbury and the Governor, a character fans of Robert Kirkman's comic book have been very excited to meet in the TV series. And then of course, there's the return of a character we haven't seen (outside of hallucinations anyway) since Season 1!

Merle Dixon is back! And not only is he - as expected - without one hand and sporting a mean prosthetic bayonet, but he's an active part of the Governor's group of Woodbury residents. As exciting as it was to see Daryl's brother alive and kicking, it was especially great to meet this Governor we've heard so much about from fans of the comics. David Morissey's character proved to be welcoming to Andrea and Michonne, though secretly creepy, especially in the end when it was revealed that he's keeping a walker-quariam full of heads (credit to Talking Dead for sharing that amusing term for the fishtanks full of zombie heads). He likes to stare at them, sipping whiskey and… what? Ponder the meaning of life? Think about how awesome he is for mowing down a cluster of military men and taking all their stuff? It's hard to say what was going through his mind during that closing scene as we're only just getting to know him.

Speaking of military guys, the helicopter crash scene is among the bits visited in this video, which gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the episode:

My favorite part is when Michonne's pets talk. Considering they're without jaws, it's unexpected to hear words coming out of their mouth-holes. Of course, that's the magic of special effects make-up! And they did a good job of bring Michonne's creepy armless, jawless pets to life. May they rest in pieces.

Michonne is another character I'm excited to get to know better. There's definitely more to her than meets the eye. Sure, she's a badass survivor with a sword, but I'm as curious to know what's going on in her head as I am in the Governor's. Heads were kind of a recurring theme in "Walk With Me." As for what's going on in Andrea's head, she seems to have her eye on the Governor and not in the suspicious kind of way either. We could guess from her experience with Shane that she likes a man with a dark side and leadership abilities. If that's really the case, the Governor might be just the guy for her.

What did you think? Fans of the comics, are you happy with how Morrissey portrayed the Governor so far? I've heard Morrissey doesn't have the same look as the character from the comics, but on personality and creepiness, does he measure up?