If you think about, Independence Day was more or less set up so that American citizens could have the right to spend all weekend watching humans survive a zombie apocalypse. All that was needed was the time and the opportunity and AMC has provided it with a July 4th weekend marathon of The Walking Dead.

It's all a part of AMC's "The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview Weekend," which will give viewers a chance to catch up on the series so they can forget it again by the time Season 4 rolls around this October. Starting at at 1PM/12c (note your time zone appropriately) each day, The Walking Dead will air in chronological order, with Season 1 kicking things off on Thursday and airing twice for those that are particularly nostalgic for when Frank Darabont was still in charge of his own show. All 13 episodes of Season 2 will air on Friday, while the 16 episodes of Season 3 will air on Saturday and Sunday, offering fans the chance to double check if some of the Season 3 episodes are indeed as bad as they remember (take a break during "Prey" and go live your life for a while).

Hosting the marathon is Comic Book Men executive producer and hockey shirt connoisseur Kevin Smith, who will be on the prison set and interview cast members such as Steven Yeun (Glenn) and Norman Reedus (Daryl) and crew members like director/special effects make-up supervisor /executive producer Greg Nicotero about the upcoming season. Seemingly lost in AMC's brief preview is new showrunner Scott M. Gimple, who was at least voyeuristically included in a recent Season 4 featurette. Gimple will be on hand for the Walking Dead panel at the San Diego Comic-Con later this month, where more details about the upcoming season are likely to be revealed (or at least hinted at).

Not much is known about Season 4, but, at the very least, Smith's presence in the prison indicates that the location will be an integral part of the upcoming season, however it will be used. Those familiar with the comic book will have no leads either, considering how differently the prison storyline played out in both the TV show and the comic, which means anything is possible next season. How the Governor (David Morrissey) will continue in the series is unknown, but, at least according to the Season 4 banner, Chad Coleman's Tyrese wil apparently have to hammer his way through the zombie hordes. And, considering Emily Kinney is now a series regular, her character Beth might have more to do in Season 4 than babysit Judith. The possibilities are infinite, or rather, for likely more than a few cast members, finite.

Season 4 of The Walking Dead will begin airing this October.

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