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There are few things so agonizing to an avid TV viewer than the summer months. During this time, the majority of network shows are on hiatus, and you’re forced to do nothing but theorize and debate what might occur once your favorite shows return in the fall. That, and devour Netflix series like Orange is the New Black that are released in the summer months. One of the most highly debated and anticipated shows is The Walking Dead, which left us with an enormous cliffhanger in the season finale. While we will surely debate who Negan took out up until the premiere airs, actor Norman Reedus assures us it will be worth it.

In a recent interview with TV Line, Daryl Dixon himself teased what to expect from the Season 7 premiere:
I will definitely 100-percent say that it’s well worth the wait. It’s large. It’s mind-blowing.

Well this is exciting. Norman Reedus’ comments ensure that there will be a major payoff for Walking Dead fans who spent months questioning which character became batting practice for Negan’s signature weapon Lucille. And who doesn’t like to have their mind blown when watching their Sunday night TV?

Norman Reedus’ declaration of a “mind-blowing” premiere is certainly intriguing. After everything we’ve seen so far, it takes a lot for The Walking Dead to really surprise us.

But if our minds are to be blown, it strongly implies that one of the larger characters will most likely be killed off in the opening moments of the Season 7 premiere. Losing the likes of Rosita or Eugene would be sad, but nothing that we haven’t seen before; supporting characters die all the time. I’d venture to say that Denise’s surprise arrow death would be more mind blowing than if we lose a supporting character in the premiere.

Conversely, it seems that someone big is going to be biting the dust. Based on the use of the POV camera which the season finale opened with, I’m going to assume that Glenn or Daryl are killed by Negan in the opening moments. Those two characters, along with Michonne and Rosita, were taken by the Saviors prior to the events of the finale, and they were kept in captivity with a sack over their heads. After Glenn’s fake death earlier that season, and considering his comic book character’s death, it seems that the pizza delivery boy is going to bite the dust.

Other than the anticipated death, the premiere will presumably be a major change in the dynamic of the series. For once, Rick and his group are not the most powerful ones. The folks at Alexandria are really going to have to plan their next move in an attempt to break their subservience to The Saviors.

Plus, Maggie needs The Hilltop’s doctor ASAP.

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