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Spoilers below for tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead.

Whoa. For an episode that featured the possible arrival of The Saviors and a few new people – read more on that hereThe Walking Dead waited until the final second of the episode to truly blow audience’s minds. With just the single word “Help” uttered through the walkie-talkie, the show reignited the belief that Glenn is still alive. But was it actually him?

The moment happened after Daryl, who is now without his signature crossbow and motorcycle, was trying to get someone to answer him over the radio, presumably so that he could tell them that the three of them are not as dead as people might think they are. And after a few seconds of static, that lonely ominous word came through. “Help.” It had to be Glenn, right? I mean, it just had to. He still wasn’t in the credits, and the episode’s closed captionomg just called the voice “Man,” but still. It had to.

It was an extremely subdued call for assistance, which probably meant he didn’t want to attract attention from what we’ll assume is hundreds of walkers around him. It also means he probably isn’t in any huge amount of pain, which feeds into the theories that the walkers were actually chomping on Nicholas’ guts and not Glenn’s in THAT episode. So it’d be likely that he somehow shuffled his way around the feet of the walkers and found a temporary safe spot, probably beneath that dumpster he fell off of. Unless he got bit in a spot that doesn’t necessarily hurt him all that much. We’ll play it optimistically, though. I mean, even though I don’t really want to know what happened to Glenn, I’d rather this be him and not an attempt to fool viewers.

Who could it be if it isn’t Glenn? Almost everyone else is back in Alexandria, and while they might not exactly be safe, they’d have a method of finding help that isn’t just limited to calling someone on a radio. There’s the slim chance that it’s some villainous person who found the radio and wants to attract whoever is on the other end to do them harm, and that’s certainly within the motivations of people in this universe. Still, we’re putting all our apples in the Glenn basket on this one. If only the shot had stayed up just a little longer so we could hear someone go, “Glenn, that’s you, right?” And then he’d say, “Yeah,” and then tell them exactly what happened to him. That’s the way this should have ended!

Will this question be answered during next week’s episode? Probably not, given the way the narrative has been split apart from week to week. But we’re hoping for the best. Find out when The Walking Dead airs next Sunday night on AMC, and let us know what you think below.

Who Called For Help?