Watch Adam Scott And Amy Poehler In The Greatest Event In Television History: Hart to Hart

It turns out that The Greatest Event In Television History, last year's Adult Swim remake of the opening titles of Simon & Simon, wasn't even close to actually being The Greatest Event In Television History so Adam Scott (not the golfer) came back to try again. And this time he's taking on Hart to Hart and begrudgingly brought his Parks and Recreation co-star Amy Poelher along with him.

The pair seems to have had their fill of each other and the behind-the-scenes clash of their huge 'Hollywood' personalities almost brings The Greatest Event In Television History: Hart to Hart to a screeching halt. Poor Horatio Sans, he's just there trying to make something great. Thankfully, the tension on the Adult Swim set eventually dissipated (with the 'help' of guest stars Jeff Probst, Paul Scheer, Paul Rust, Maya Ferrara and David Wain) because the end result is great. The greatest? Well...

Parks and Recreation returns for Season 6 this fall on NBC.

Oh. And when I saw Nick Kroll's name I thought I'd missed something but his cameo is saved for the post-credit stinger so be sure to watch all the way to the end. You'll want to see the original Hart to Hart titles to compare anyway.