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Few network nail promos like FX does, and they’ve dropped a batch of superb Archer clips out there for the show’s rabid fanbase to imbibe on. Now that Archer and the rest of the gang are going straight with legit government work for Season 6, they all have to prove that they’re the right people for the job. Which means certification tests! Check out Archer’s shocking ordeal below.

I can’t think of anyone in this show that wouldn’t want to electrocute Archer, and it probably won’t surprise anyone that he’s dealing with the roughest procedure of anyone. Though he’s still stylish enough to sneak in a “waterboarding” pun.

On the opposite side of things is Lana, the new mother of Archer’s artificially inseminated child. She’s obviously ready to come back to work and doesn’t mind showing off her “wiping out a dude’s junk with bullets” skills.

Nobody should ever mess with Lana. I’m still unsure if anyone should mess with Pam, who is clearly ready to take roleplay to the next level no matter what circumstances they’re introduced in. Never forget that safe word.

And if you’re so inclined, you can head to FX’s YouTube page to find Cheryl getting asked for her urine, Cyril doing a push-up and Ray using his badass new legs to make a treadmill his bitch. I’d be perfectly happy if the entire first episode was released in YouTube clips, as it’s been too long since we last heard any triple entendres. But I wonder why Mallory isn’t a part of this bunch. Who did she have to sleep with to slip her continually inebriated blood past all certifications?

This season of Archer will find the former ISIS and former Vice team heading back into the land of spies, only with official backers this time. That definitely doesn’t rule out anyone crossing legal boundaries, as everyone on this show seems to have some kind of sin they worship. I just want Christian Slater back.

Archer is set to hit FX for its Season 6 premiere on Thursday, January 8, at 10 p.m. EST.