Spoilers if you haven't seen last night's episode of Community, "Herstory of Dance."

If you watched the tag on last night's episode of Community, you saw the tease for the anticipated puppet episode. I love that the puppet-rap has them performing a group version of "Daybreak," Troy and Abed's favorite song to hum. Next week's episode is titled "Inro to Felt Surrogacy," which just might tie right in with the characters' expected puppetness. Check out the episode description for more details that might explain how the study group managed to get themselves puppetified.

According to NBC, Jason Alexander and Sara Bareilles will guest star in the episode, which involves a "unique balloon ride…"

THE STUDY GROUP TAKES A UNIQUE BALLOON RIDE AND SPENDS SOME QUALITY TIME TOGETHER – JASON ALEXANDER AND SARA BAREILLES GUEST STAR – The study group takes a wild balloon ride that crash lands in the woods and they end up spending some quality time together with a friendly mountain man (Jason Alexander, “Seinfeld”).

Jason Alexander as a friendly mountain man? I kind of like the sound of that. But what does that have to do with puppets? I'm not sure about that, but based on these photos, I'm going to speculate that the puppet situation has something to do with Britta's psychology studies...

Britta with her puppet

Dean as Pinocchio

Chang puppet


We'll have to wait and see how it all comes together when next week's episode airs (April 11). In the meantime, because the song's stuck in my head…

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