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The Walking Dead is in the middle of its sixth season, so we’ve seen a ton of gore and violence over the past few years. Since the survivors have had to fight for survival for so long, we’ve seen Rick, Daryl, and the whole crew have to be creative in dispatching walkers in a pinch. Whether Daryl it is using a metal chain to decapitate three walkers at a time, Eugene is utilizing a firehose to tear a group apart, or the Governor is wielding a bone to tear off a walker’s head, we’ve seen it all. Until now.

In the newest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Norman Reedus appears as Daryl using a hilariously contemporary device to kill walkers. Check it out.

That’s right, there are hoverboards in the zombie apocalypse. And it’s almost as ridiculous as hoverboards in real life.

The sketch opens with Daryl Dixon apparently going for a supply run in a parking garage. Unfortunately, it seems the supplies have already been pilfered by another survivor beforehand. When looking through the remains, Daryl comes upon empty hoverboard boxes, complete with cheesy taglines advertising how cool the boards are. Just then, we see a walker hover behind him silently.

The whole sequence then goes into a typical Walking Dead scenario: a bunch of walkers come out of nowhere to threaten Daryl. Of course, Mr. Dixon is the ultimate renaissance man of the zombie apocalypse, and quickly began using his crossbow to land a few headshots and knock the walkers off their boards.

Things begin to get even more ridiculous when he happens to disarm one of the zombies, and uses the free hoverboard as a melee weapon. It turns out the boards do have some use- bashing in walker brains. Who knew?

By far the most hilarious moment from Jimmy Kimmel’s Walking Dead sketch has to be the end. Seeing that he’s outnumbered, Daryl begins to flee the area. But since the walkers are riding hoverboards, all he has to do is walk up a few steps and he’s safe out of each of the zombies. Unable to continue the chase, the walkers simply stayed at the bottom step and reached out in vain for Daryl.

Overall, this sketch did a great job at poking fun at the ridiculousness of hoverboards. You’d think a mode of transportation would make the dead faster, but hoverboards are slower than a brisk walk. The best use of a hoverboard during a zombie apocalypse would be as a blunt weapon. Although I’m sure Hershel would have appreciated the help when Rick first amputated his leg.

For everyone who is caught up in The Walking Dead, didn’t seeing Daryl with his crossbow in this sketch make you kidn of sad? During last week’s episode, seeing Rick and Daryl’s misadventures with Jesus felt bizarre because Daryl was wielding a plain old revolver, rather than his signature weapon.

Here’s hoping he runs into Dwight again soon and takes back the crossbow. And maybe uses it on him.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC.