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Watch Julia Roberts Unwittingly Hock Sex Toys On Ellen

One of the most amusing segments on Ellen – on any of the morning shows, if we’re being honest – is her “Pitch, Please” game, where she makes her guests answer a series of questions about a mystery product that the guest is try to “sell.” We’ve seen celebs like Ricky Gervais and Rebel Wilson take things to silly places, and now it’s Julia Roberts’ turn. Watch as the actress blindly talks about how a selection of sex toys has made her life better.

Excellent, yes? It’s not every day you get to hear an Academy Award-winner talk about how a pair of fuzzy bedroom handcuffs can be empowering, or that she has not just a couple of whips, but seven whips. No better time to have on cuffs and a blindfold than when playing tennis, and I’m inclined to believe that, because Julia Roberts has never lied to me before. And if you can’t trust the titular character in Pretty Woman, who probably would have been vaguely familiar with at least one of those items in her occupation, then who can you trust?

Julia Roberts’ talents for promotion were indeed on display here even without bringing in the sex toys. While on the game portion of her appearance on a popular talk show where she’s already pimping her new movie Mother’s Day (a film that will indeed need all the good press it can muster), Roberts found a way to mention Mother’s Day, which made for additional verbal product placement. Plus, it probably made you picture your own mother using that whip, and that made you think that you’d rather go see Mother’s Day than have that mental image again. This woman is a wizard!

Admittedly, there’s something that feels oddly scripted about these things, where nearly every answer is another ridiculous example of how the secret items would be used. But perhaps the genius of the game is that its simplicity transcends the need to cheat with pre-planned answers. Or perhaps the genius is that it’s funny regardless of how it came together.

Either way, this looked like a pretty natural reaction from Roberts.


The Ellen Show is one of the best places to find famous people getting weird on TV, especially if you like watching celebs getting scared shitless. Now if Ellen DeGeneres could just get Nicolas Cage on there to sell a bottle of beeswax.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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