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For the second time this season, Saturday Night Live featured a stand-up comedian as host. Following Louis C.K., who hosted last fall, comedian Kevin Hart stepped up to bat this weekend, beginning the episode with a bit of stand-up during the opening monologue. Check out some of the highlights from the episode, including a spoof of The Walking Dead, and Hart's impersonation of Quvenzhane Wallis (aka, the new Pope.) Also watch Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' performance of their hit song "Thrift Shop."

The episode opened with a sketch that featured Jay Pharoah as the President and addressed the budget sequester…

Much in the way Louis C.K. kicked off his SNL episode with some stand-up comedy, Hart got things going in similar fashion, telling an elaborate story and then following it up with some (attempts at) celebrity impressions.

Bobby Moynihan and Cecily Strong returned to their roles and the disgruntled and vocal employees for a new sketch, and Hart had a hard time keeping it together when playing a Barnes & Noble manager…

Here's the mentioned Pope Quvenzhane Wallis sketch. Between her Oscar nomination for Beasts of the Southern Wild and her adorable reactions at the Academy Awards, the timing does seem right for her to be Pope.

Here's the Walking Dead parody.

I love Nasim Pedrad's Carl. And then of course, there's this (courtesy of the SNL tumblr:

Kevin teamed up with Seth for a special installment of Weekend Update's "Really?!" sketch. I usually like this bit, but I'm not sure this one clicked…

Here's Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' performance of "Thrift Shop."

NBC should have the full episode up for viewing soon. You can catch the other sketches, including the Shark Tank spoof and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' other performance when they're posted here.