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Watch Stephen Amell Tease His Green Arrow Costume For WWE Summerslam

Few celebrities possess the seemingly effortless social media charisma of Arrow’s Stephen Amell. Today, in anticipation for the star’s upcoming WWE SummerSlam showdown with pro wrestler Stardust, Amell took to Facebook and shared a glimpse of his wrestling attire with eager fans.

Packing for #SummerSlamPosted by Stephen Amell on Thursday, August 20, 2015

We don’t see very much of it in the video – indeed Amell does not even strap the outfit on – but the boots and the hooded tunic provide clear cut proof that Stardust will face off against the newly reborn Green Arrow. Fans have clamored to see more of the outfit ever since Amell premiered it at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con , and now they will get their chance to see it in action.

For those unaware, the last few months have seen a feud quickly take shape between The CW superhero and the WWE star. It started with Stardust calling Amell out earlier this summer, and reached a boiling point this month when Amell jumped into the ring and viciously attacked Stardust. Now, fans will get to see them face off in earnest this Sunday at WWE SummerSlam.

In true WWE fashion, all involved have maintained a straight-faced stoicism about the whole situation, which only adds to the underlying humor of it all; it’s all phenomenal practice for Amell to bring more humor to the light-hearted direction of Arrow’s next season.

While the Green Arrow tunic bears similarity to the Arrow suit – Amell’s primary garb on The CW’s Arrow – there are some noteworthy changes. The suit itself is a bit more revealing, leaving Amell’s arms exposed – a tactical flaw, but no doubt a win for the men and women eager to see more of his superhero biceps. We can also see the harder rubber and metal look to the tunic and boots, as well as the overall darker color palette of the outfit. This alteration lends a sense of the suit being more high-tech and tactical than his previous outfit, as well as conjuring memories of Roy Harper’s (Colton Haynes) Arsenal costume.

SummerSlam – the WWE pay-per-view event where this all goes down – will take place this coming Sunday, August 23. Stephen Amell will continue his adventures as the Green Arrow when Arrow returns to The CW on October 7.

Conner Schwerdtfeger
Conner Schwerdtfeger

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