Weeds 100th Episode Sees The Return Of Two Characters And A Familiar Location

There's just one episode left of Weeds before the one-hour series finale of the Showtime drama. And judging by the promo for "God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise," we're in for numerous blasts from the past. The 100th episode of the series looks like it'll be a good one, especially for fans of the show who've stuck with it since the beginning.

Spoilers ahead!

Just last week, we shared the news that Guillermo Diaz was set to return to the series for the last couple of episodes, including this Sunday's upcoming 100th episode. Guillermo appears in the video below, as does another returning character - Conrad!

What's Conrad doing back on Weeds? It seems Nancy has plans for him. Check out this clip, which has the two dancing and talking...

I love that he's taking dancing lessons... though it seems like money is an issue.

The return of Romany Malco and Guillermo Diaz are two reasons to tune in on Sunday night, as is the return to Agrestic or rather "Regrestic." A fitting town name for a place the Botwins are probably better off not returning to. At least, judging by all of the guns we see on Nancy in the preview above.

It also looks like we're going to see some Andy and Nancy drama. Was that "Andy!" Nancy was screaming at the end?

Weeds airs Sundays at 10:00 p.m. ET on Showtime. The 100th episode ("God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise") is set to air September 9, with the final two-parter series finale scheduled for September 16.

Kelly West
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