In anticipation of the approaching eighth and final season of Weeds, I've recently begun revisiting the earlier seasons via Netflix. One of the great things about watching the start of the Showtime drama - besides remembering just how truly great the show was during its prime years when Nancy Botwin was a weed-peddling soccer mom in an upper middle class suburb - is getting to see the start of Silas and Shane as characters. Not only is it amazing to see just how young they were when the story first began, but it's also amusing to think about what's ahead for both characters.

Showtime just released this video, which showcases the Botwin boys. It features Hunter Parrish (Silas) and Alexander Gould (Shane) along with Kevin Nealon and Justin Kirk as they talk about the evolution of Silas and Shane over the course of the series, leading into the upcoming final season.

Silas has had some interesting story arcs, but Shane is, by far, my favorite character on the show. The croquet mallet might have seemed like a turning point for his character, but I think he was demonstrating early signs of being especially protective of his family back in the first season when he shot that mountain lion. I can't wait to see what's ahead for Shane in Season 8.

Weeds returns for its last Season on July 1 on Showtime. Check out our preview for Season 8 here.

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