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Tis the season to take a break from your regularly scheduled TV programming! As the holidays approach, it’s likely that many, if not all of the primetime TV shows you watch on network TV have gone on hiatus. NBC is set to fill in the gap by offering a trivia game show that premieres tonight and will air Monday through Thursday all week, after which it will air on Mondays until the end of January.

Who’s Still Standing is based on an Israeli game-show called Still Standing and features people answering trivia questions and being dropped through the floor if/when they get the wrong answer. The format of the show is fairly simple. One competitor faces off against ten challengers one by one. Whoever gets an answer wrong drops through the floor. If that person is the challenger, the competitor is awarded money, which is added on to their total and they face off against the next challenger. They do this until they get a question wrong, reach a point where they can take their winnings and walk away, or win a million dollars.

After screening an episode, this series looks like it’ll be a great fit for families looking for something to watch during the holiday season. The questions, for the most part, aren’t all that difficult, and it’s fun to watch people drop through the floor.

Here’s a clip and a video featuring host Ben Bailey as he talks about the set and how the show works.

Who’s Still Standing premieres Monday, December 19th thru Thursday, December 22th on NBC (8-9 p.m. ET); Airs Mondays (8-9 p.m. ET), December 26th thru January 30th on NBC.