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Despite True Blood having a batshit-crazy season last summer, and Breaking Bad doing some of its most interesting work, I still feel Wilfred was my favorite show among last summer’s TV premieres. FX’s freshman comedy featured an offbeat and nastily colorful dude in a dog suit that everyone but Ryan (Elijah Wood) sees as a regular old mongrel. If you didn't catch Wilfred's original run, complete with suicidal plotlines and its ability to push comedy (and drug) limits, you won’t have much longer to wait. Wilfred -- The Complete First Season is headed on to Blu-Ray and DVD on June 19th, just a little over a week before Season 2 premieres on FX.

Special features for both the Blu-Ray and DVD copies are the same and look fairly interesting. The first extras are deleted scenes, followed by two featurettes: “Wilfred & Bear: A Love Affair” and “Mary Jane Mash-Up.” Rounding out the special features will be a Fox Movie Channel segment called “Life After Film School: Jason Gann.” Gann initially played Wilfred in the original Australian series, and now reprises the role as the oft-loveable and oft-twisted dog on FX's version. It should be interesting to hear what the actor has to say about the roles.

Wilfred is a strange buddy comedy and it certainly isn’t for everyone, but if it does seem to be for you, please catch up before Season 2 of Wilfred premieres June 28, 2012 on FX. The show may not be what you think it is going to be heading in, but I doubt you will regret it.

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