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When Zoo kicked off on CBS earlier this summer, it didn’t earn the best reviews, but most viewers who were on board initially did seem to stick with the show for the rest of the season. After wrapping up in the middle of September, CBS took a look at the numbers and ultimately decided to give the show a second go. Zoo will return for Season 2 in the summer of 2016.

Based on a #1 bestseller from James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge, the first season of Zoo was set in the present day, with a twist. Across the globe, animals began acting strangely, becoming predators to humans that they had most often avoided in the past. In the opening episode, we saw lions behaving badly in Africa, and as the series rolled on the attacks came from wolves, bears and later even bats and rats. The situation became more dire as the episodes wore on, and by the end of the season, there were still plenty of questions the CBS drama had yet to answer. The network is reporting the show was the most watched scripted summer series this year, so I guess it's no wonder Zoo felt confident enough to end with plenty of open threads and cliffhangers;

CBS’ summer lineup has heavily relied on over-the-top and action-oriented premises for the last several TV seasons. Along with reality programs like Big Brother and The Briefcase, the network’s scripted summer schedule is often science fiction-based in nature, with Zoo, Under the Dome and Extant all in the lineup. Unfortunately, Under the Dome didn’t see the success that Zoo saw this season. Despite decent ratings, CBS had already decided to wrap up the drama, and Under the Dome was cancelled by the network just about a month ago. Extant’s potential future is currently less clear.

CBS has already found a replacement for Under the Dome next summer. The Good Wife’s Robert and Michelle King have a new series set to air in the summer of 2016 called BrainDead. That show’s about aliens, so it should fit right in. We now know for sure that Zoo and Big Brother will be back, as well.

Zoo was a little clumsy through its first few outings, but with performances from Billy Burke, Nonso Anozie and more, there were plenty of reasons for fans to to tune in. I’m not sure how the show will be able to up the wacky factor heading into Season 2, but at least the drama is getting the chance to make the attempt.

It’ll still be awhile before Zoo returns, but you can see what CBS still has heading to the schedule this fall, with our fall TV premiere schedule.