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Things left off in a precarious place for Spartacus and his men during last Friday night's episode ("Blood Brothers"), which is fitting, given that the final moments marked the halfway point of the last season of this series. Based on the promo and clip we have to show you from "Spoils of War," it looks like the next episode won't waste any time getting back to the action. Is it possible that all of the beloved leads will make it through the ordeal?

When "Blood Brothers" left off, Spartacus' city was under attack by Caesar and the Romans, who were just managing to get through the gate. Caesar advised Agron, Saxa and the others in his path to run. And that appears to be where this promo picks up…

Is it time to abandon the city? Well, they couldn't stay there forever, I suppose. Sometimes in order to survive, retreating is the only option. But I'm sure there will be more fighting before the eventual running begins, if that's what it comes to. And it looks like we may be seeing a face to face confrontation between Spartacus and Caesar.

Meanwhile, on the Roman side of things, Tiberius is a rapist and appears to be taking creepy to the next level with Kore.

So, it seems forcing himself on Kore was really for his own personal vengeance and pleasure. He doesn't want his father to know about it. Maybe he thinks Crassus would kill him if he found out. Maybe he would. It's hard to know how the man would react, though we do know Crassus cares a great deal for Kore and would likely be enraged to learn his own son raped her, given his reaction to Caesar putting the moves on her earlier in the season.

Spartacus: War of the Damned airs Fridays at 9:00 p.m. ET on Starz. Read our full breakdown of last Friday's "Blood Brothers" here.

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