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Farscape's Justin Monjo Is Writing A Screenplay For A TV Movie Spinoff

Could Farscape be making another comeback as a TV movie? Justin Monjo, who was a writer and co-executive producer on the original series is reportedly penning a screenplay for a TV movie that would focus on the offspring of two characters from the Sci-Fi show, and the follow-up miniseries Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars.

True Blood's Grant Bowler Will Star in Syfy's Defiance

Defiance is coming from Farscape creator Rockne S. O’Bannon, and will focus on a land torn up by decades and decades of war. Though the landscape will be very rough and tumble, the live action drama should also touch on some more optimistic themes. Amidst the backdrop of the violence, for example, Nolan will set a strong-minded example. We’ll see how the series turns out when it actually gets a release date on the network, but so far it seems like a pretty strong science fiction concept – something Syfy desperately needs.

Farscape Starbursts Onto Blu-Ray This November

Look upwards, and share the wonders I’ve seen: A&E Home Entertainment will be releasing the outstanding Farscape on Blu-ray this November 15th. This is stellar news for fans of one of the best and most original science fiction shows of the last 50 years, not to mention any potential fans who might be lured into checking it out by the high-def release. And given the amazing visuals the show cooked up on a regular basis, the high-def version should make this one absolutely worth an upgrade.

FlixWorthy Boldly Goes Star Trekkin'

This week has seen a major catalogue update for Netflix, and we're focusing on the arrival of one of the best-loved SF franchises of all time. That's right, Star Trek has come to Netflix, and today FlixWorthy is running down the new arrivals and suggesting a few side dishes to complement your main course. And before we dive in, no, I don't know why Deep Space 9 is the lone Trek hold-out.

Farscape Creator Rockne O'Bannon Very Excited About A Huge New Series For Syfy

For those of you who’ve been hoping to see more scifi on Syfy, that may be in the works and I’m not just talking about Blood & Chrome. Word is, Farscape creator Rockne S. O’Bannon may be helming a “huge” new series for the network.

Farscape Fans: Tune In To NBC's Community This Week For Sweet Scorpius References

Today I had something of an epiphany. NBC’s Community is basically Farscape set in a community college. The character dynamics are

Lost Alternatives: Live Without The Island By Watching These Shows

Lost may be over and done with but life keeps on going and so does our TV viewing. Last night millions of television viewers were left stranded with a viewing timeslot to fill

Sci Fi's Warehouse 13 Has Gone Into Production

To be honest I was sort of hoping Espenson would jump over to Dollhouse when BSG ended, but she’s been proving herself time and time again as another brilliant mind within television without Joss Whedon.

Farscape And Fraggle Rock Available On ITunes

Fans of the series Fraggle Rock and/or Farscape will be pleased to learn that episodes of both series have now become available for purchase or download on iTunes. According to my sources, the episodes were supposed to be made available on January 28th but when I checked iTunes yesterday, neither show was listed. The good news is, they’re up today!

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