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CBS' New Reality Show Is The Most Intense Game Of Hide And Seek Ever

A lot of reality shows coming out today sound like carbon copies of previous series, just with one weird twist thrown in. But CBS’ newest project, Hunted, is like the ultimate form of adult hide-and-seek and sounds like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Well, except for the show it's based on.

15+ Premium Cable TV Offerings For Holiday Binge-Watching

There are way too many good TV shows available to us today. We live in a world of modern riches; an over-abundance of goodness so vibrant it’s terribly easy to miss the good stuff. There’s just so much TV to watch, you see! Especially when you take into consideration television's biggest innovator: the premium network. For-pay stars like HBO, Showtime, and even Cinemax have pushed the medium where it’s never gone before, and paved the way for the likes of AMC and others today.

Hunted: Full First Episode Of Cinemax's New Spy Drama Available Online

Cinemax subscribers had the opportunity to watch the premier of the network's new spy thriller series Hunted when it made its debut last Friday night. Now, those of who who don't subscribe to the premium channel can get a sample of the new series as the first episode has arrived online and is being made available through a number of other outlets.

Spy Series Hunted Starring Melissa George Premieres Friday Night

Earlier today, we shared some news and a teaser for Alan Ball's upcoming Cinemax series Banshee. While we still have a couple of months to wait for that one to premiere, Cinemax has their next new series ready to go tomorrow night. Hunted follows a female spy who disappears after nearly getting killed and returns to work a year later, much to the surprise of her co-workers and secret boyfriend.

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