A couple of new games have landed on Steam's Greenlight service, the community-based curation system that Valve uses to gauge what games appear on Steam's store. The game include the noir crime-thriller, NoseBound, the open-world survival game Hunted and the side-scrolling cartoon action platformer, Pro Janitor Police.

The trailer above is the first glimpse at the upcoming point-and-click adventure game, NoseBound. We covered this game originally when it was first announced back in July. The game captured its very own audience thanks to its distinct art-style and the monochrome noir look with splashes of color used sparingly throughout the experience. The “mysterious midnight phone call” cliché seems to work perfectly with the setup for the game.

What's surprising are some of the elements you may not be expecting, such as the horror elements and gore. Buenos Aires Quarantine is mixing in various kinds of gameplay mechanics into one hard-boiled experience, and NoseBound could easily turn out to be a sleeper hit when it finally does release.

If you would like to see this game on Steam's store, be sure to show your support by upvoting the game on the official Greenlight page.

Ha, oh man this game is great. Pro Janitor Police is very similar to Hitbox Team's DustForce, but the game takes it a step further by adding enough over-the-top abilities and skills so as to give the game a greater edge of hilarity over its other side-scrolling, janitorial compatriot.

The segments where the lead character is chasing down a giant booger monster, or cleaning flying trails of snot out of the air feels like somewhat of a throwback to some of the cheesy titles that came out during the 16-bit era. When the main character activates his super janitorial powers to clear out the screen, it's just icing on the cake. It's so silly it's actually awesome.

If side-scrolling madness packed with action from the school yard to the broken city bridges sounds like the sort of game you really, really need to play then feel free to support the developers in getting the game approved to appear on the Steam Store by upvoting the title over on the official Steam Greenlight page. Also, if you hurry, this game could make it onto Steam in the next Greenlight approved games, given that it's set for release on October 12th.

Hunted is like a mix of Far Cry meets Slender: The Arrival. You're in a open-world environment where the objective is to find out what's really going on (mystery style) but you're being hunted all the while doing so, hence the name Hunted.

It's a simple enough design concept and punishes players in realistic and unforgiving ways, ensuring that the Call of Duty types don't last for very long and don't have much of a place in a game like this.

If a horror-survival game sounds interesting to you, feel free to download the free demo and get a taste of the game. If you want to upvote the title to see it arrive on Steam's store, feel free to favorite the game and give it an upvote over on the official Greenlight page.

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