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Could A Lost Reboot Really Happen At ABC Now?

TV viewers themselves aren't the only ones out there who think that Lost needs to come back to ABC.

Terry O'Quinn Wishes Lost Had Continued For Another Season

Terry O'Quinn would have been willing to do another season of Lost.

Manifest Isn't Exactly Like Lost, But That's Definitely Okay

Manifest shares some similarities with Lost, but let's not go overboard. These are completely different shows, which is great for Manifest.

Nestor Carbonell Talks His Favorite Memory From Filming Lost

Nestor Carbonell shares his favorite memory from his time on Lost playing the unforgettable Richard.

Lost's Penny And Desmond Reunited, And We Have To Go Back

Lost fans were super happy to see the television couple reunited once again.

Evangeline Lilly Had Some Problems With Her Lost Character, Including Nudity
Lost Vet Evangeline Lilly Shares Her Feelings About Reboot Rumors

Evangeline Lilly has some thoughts about those Lost reboot rumors.

Westworld Co-Creator On How The Show Differs From Lost With Its Mysteries

Westworld and Lost both tend to confused their audience, but there's one big difference.

ABC Has  A New Reality Show That's Basically Lost Without The Sci-Fi
Why Lost Will Always Have Fans Asking For More, According To One Star

Revival talks won't stop, and one Lost star has an idea why.

Lost Is Getting Kicked Off Of Netflix Soon

Netflix subscribers will soon be unable to go back to the island.

Fear The Walking Dead Just Cast A Lost Star For A Big Role In Season 4

There's been quite a few new actors announced to be joining the spinoff's cast, and now a Lost alum has joined the ranks to get into the zombie killing action.

The Walking Dead Almost Had Another Great Actor For King Ezekiel

While Khary Payton has been killing it as Ezekiel in The Walking Dead, a major TV star almost nabbed the role.

Will Lost Ever Return, According To The Show's Co-Showrunner

Lost changed the television landscape during its original run on ABC, and fans still debate many of the twists and turns. Now, co-showrunner Carlton Cuse has weighed in on whether there's a future for the series.

What A Possible Lost Reboot Should Definitely Avoid, According To Damon Lindelof

Lost creator Damon Lindelof does have some sage advice for the possible showrunners who might take us back to that island once again

The Unexpected Way The Arrow Premiere Will Be Affected By Lost, According To Stephen Amell

Five years ago Oliver Queen was stranded on an island, but don't let that fool you. He wasn't actually a passenger on Oceanic Flight 815 this whole time. Still, Lost has affected Arrow in quite an unexpected way.

The Inhumans' Henry Ian Cusick Compares Marvel Secrecy To Lost

Marvel has been known for their astounding secrecy behind their shows, and now Henry Ian Cusick is the latest actor to confirm just how intense that experience can be.

Lost's Most Devastating Death For Henry Ian Cusick

One of the most impactful TV shows of the 21st century so far has to be Lost. Star Henry Ian Cusick recently revealed to CinemaBlend which of the many lost deaths was the most devastating.

The Leftovers' Finale Was The Exact Opposite Of Lost's Finale, And It Was Glorious

The Leftovers' finale just aired, and it was the exact opposite of Lost's finale. Which was a truly glorious thing to behold. Here's what happened.

How The Leftovers' Final Scene Is The Right Ending, According To Damon Lindelof

Damon Lindelof is confident the final scene in The Leftovers is the right one. Here's why.

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