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The Awesome Way Neil Patrick Harris Celebrated A Series Of Unfortunate Events' Renewal

Lots of fans were happy that Netflix renewed A Series of Unfortunate Events, but Neil Patrick Harris had the best response.

Will Neil Patrick Harris Reprise His DC Villain For The Flash/Supergirl Musical Crossover? Here's The Latest

NPH played a musical villain in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. But will he reprise it in live action for the Supergirl/Flash musical crossover?

Check Out Neil Patrick Harris' Count Olaf For A Series Of Unfortunate Events

We now finally have our first good look at actor Neil Patrick Harris' take on the cunning and dastardly antagonist Count Olaf for Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events, and it's pretty great.

Neil Patrick Harris' Next TV Role Will Be Incredible, Get The Details

Neil Patrick Harris has had a wonderful career in television, including his nine-year stint as Barney Stinson on CBS’s How I Met Your Mother. But, now that the show has been over for a couple of years, he’s ready to move on to another scripted show.

Neil Patrick Harris' Best Time Ever Has Been Canceled By NBC

Fall’s only live weekly TV show, Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris won’t be returning from hiatus. This marks one of the few shows this fall that a network has officially committed to cancelling.

Watch Neil Patrick Harris Do His Best Doogie Howser

It’s been ages since I’ve watched Doogie Howser M.D., but now I’m all about going back and reliving teenage Neil Patrick Harris try to have sex with people while sounding like Sean Connery after a balloon’s worth of helium.

Watch Neil Patrick Harris Hilariously Reveal His Thomas The Tank Engine Obsession

The last time we saw Neil Patrick Harris, he was in his underwear and hosting the Oscars. And now he’s getting pissed off at kids who aren’t at the same level of Thomas the Tank Engine fandom that he is.

 Oscars 2015: What Did People Really Think Of Host Neil Patrick Harris?

Each year, the Oscars gives a host—or in some cases hosts—a shot at running the behemoth awards show. This year, Neil Patrick Harris was given a shot as the host, bringing pizzazz, magic and a musical number to the 87th annual Academy Awards.

American Horror Story: Freak Show Is Adding Neil Patrick Harris, Get The Details

Neil Patrick Harris is finally fulfilling a wish and signing on to American Horror Story: Freak Show. And he's not the only one. Get the details, here.

Neil Patrick Harris Is Coming Back To TV, Here Are The Specifics

Neil Patrick Harris has been everywhere for the past several months. His hit series How I Met Your Mother ended last spring. Following the hullabaloo surrounding the finale he appeared in Gone Girl and was signed on to host this year’s Oscars ceremony. Now, he’s been hired for a brand new gig.

The Strange Reason Neil Patrick Harris Said No To American Horror Story

Neil Patrick Harris has had a pretty huge run in recent years, starring in a variety of TV programs and movies. However, there was one opportunity where the actor definitely missed the mark. Harris recently spoke out to say he and his husband, David Burtka, were asked to play a couple in American Horror Story: Murder House, but he put his foot down to say no.

Remember When Neil Patrick Harris, Tori Spelling And Don King Appeared On Blossom?

Here's a great Throwback Thursday video if ever there was one. Hub has provided us with a clip from the beloved 90s sitcom Blossom, which shows off a few notable guest stars from that particular era of television, including a very young Neil Patrick Harris, who was charming us all as the prodigy doctor in Doogie Howser, M.D. in those days.

Emmy Highlights Include Tony Hale, A Special Tribute, Singing, Dancing And More

Though the Emmy Awards went into overtime last night, the lengthy ceremony did manage to offer more than a few great moments scattered throughout its three-plus hours. From a celebration of choreography, to some amusing acceptance speeches and a few great nods to TV's more memorable series this year, CBS's broadcast delivered more than just awards last night. For those who missed it or want to relive the highlights, here are some of the most memorable moments from this year's Emmys.

Watch Neil Patrick Harris's Amazing Tony Awards Opening Number

This was NPH's fourth gig hosting the show, and given that he won an Emmy the first time he did it, it's no surprise to see him pull it off with aplomb. But as NPR's Linda Holmes points out in her wonderful post about this musical number, it's not just that Harris is great-- the entire musical number is, from start to finish.

Watch Megan Hilty, Andrew Rannells And Laura Benanti Sing About Their TV Attempts At The Tonys

Success on the Broadway stage doesn't automatically mean success on the small screen, as a number actors can attest. In fact, those actors took the stage with Neil Patrick Harris at last night's 67th Annual Tony Awards to lament their failed series. Of course, that meant singing alongside Neil Patrick Harris, which may have been a bit of musically charged lemon in some fresh wounds.

Neil Patrick Harris Will Host The 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards

Neil Patrick Harris is getting a second opportunity to host the Emmys. This year’s broadcast is headed for CBS and the network has signed the How I Met Your Mother star on to take the stage as emcee for the night. The 2013 ceremony will take place on September 22 and will be held at the NOKIA Theater L.A. Live in Los Angeles. Interestingly, the last time Harris signed on to host the Emmys was in 2009--the last time CBS had the rights to air the big show.

Neil Patrick Harris Wants In On A Survivor Celebrity Season

Survivor has been on the air for 26 long and grueling seasons, but host Jeff Probst says there is still room for new ideas in the long-running series. In fact, he would really, really like to do a celebrity season, and he says there are stars willing to back him.

Neil Patrick Harris' Webseries Is A Puppet Dream Come True

If you've been following The Nerdist's YouTube Channel, you're likely already aware of this, but for those who haven't discovered Neil Patrick Harris' bizarre webseries, the actor has been having puppet dreams, and he's been sharing them with the interweb for our entertainment. Check out a couple of quirky episodes, including the latest one involving puppet-alien abduction ahead!

Neil Patrick Harris Set To Host The 2012 Tony Awards

In the pre-Smash era, the Tony Awards were probably one of two network television celebrations of Broadway greatness. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is the other. Now, thanks to NBC, Broadway gets a nod each Monday night. But that still doesn’t lessen my excitement for the Tony Awards, which give us a nice sampling of what’s happening on some of the many stages in New York City. June isn’t that far off, and now it looks like CBS is once again tapping into their own well of talent for this year’s host.

Neil Patrick Harris Not Sure If He'll Stay On How I Met Your Mother After Next Season

CBS' How I Met Your Mother is still going strong after seven years, proving that clever writing will take you far, a great supporting cast can overcome a bland leading man, and that Ted Mosby's future children have astonishing, perhaps even superhuman, bladder control. However, while the seventh season still hasn't revealed the identity of the mysterious mother, the show is creeping closer to one other milestone: the end of the cast's contracts.

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